Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 93 – Mapbox Visual)

In this module you will learn how to use the Mapbox Visual. The Mapbox Visual allows you to visualize geographical data while including multiple layers and custom overlays.

Module 93 – Mapbox Visual


Key Takeaways

  • Render massive location data quickly.
  • Has the ability to display multiple layers on a single map.
  • Highly customizable properties.


This Mapbox Visual is showing a map of customer complaints in the US.

Under the Format paintbrush you will find there are a several settings you may desire to change to influence the appearance of this visual.

  • Under the Viz Settings section you must provide your Access Token to use this visual. This is also where you can select the maps style or custom style URL you want to use.


  • Using the Circle section you can adjust the appearance of the circle map layer including the opacity, color and border stroke.


  • Using the Heatmap section you can adjust the appearance of the heatmap map layer including the opacity, radius and intensity.


  • Using the Cluster section you can adjust the appearance of the cluster map layer including the radius, aggregate type and stroke.


  • Under the Cloropleth section you can add in custom regions that can be plotted out on the map. These can be imported from Vector Tiles created at Mapbox.com.


You can also adjust the background color, add a border around the visual and lock the aspect ratio under the Format section.

Find Out More

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