Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 46 – Table Sorter)

In this module you will learn how to use the Table Sorter Power BI Custom Visual.  The Table Sorter allows you to rapidly re-sort and rank values by within a table.

Module 46 – Table Sorter


Key Takeaways

  • Column in the table can show a rank value, attributes and measures.
  • Lets you build stacked table columns to explore combinations and weighting.
  • Column headers can show the distribution of values in a Histogram.


This Table Sorter shows a rank of NFL offenses by various metrics.

  • Under the Format paintbrush there are several customizations available for the Table Sorter.
  • Under the Presentation section you have several properties you can adjust.  Let’s highlight a few:
    • Units and Precision have to do with the formatting of the values in the table.
    • Turning on the Stacked property adjust any Stacked Columns you’ve created to stack the values together.
    • Using the Values displays labels on every value in the table.
    • The Histogram property is turned on by default. Turning this off removes the Histograms in the column headers.
    • Using the Animation property can either turn on or off the interaction you see in the table as you select values to resort by. When turned off the re-sorting occurs without the smooth transition
    • Table tooltips are a nice feature you will see as you hover above values the table.


  • In the Selection section you can make the Table Sorter multi selectable by turning on the Multi Select feature.


In addition to these properties you have a set of settings that appears on every visual to adjust the background color, add a border around the visual and lock the aspect ratio.

Find Out More

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