This Week in Data – Episode 13 (Building Your Personal Brand)


Welcome back to another episode of This Week In Data! If you missed our previous episodes, you can watch them here. In this week’s episode, we discuss investing in your most important asset,you!

Many people don’t realize that their biggest investment should be in themselves. It’s important to make sure you brand yourself in the best, most accurate way. In this episode, Adam and Devin discuss why you should brand yourself, things to think about when building your brand, and specific tasks you can easily do to help this process. 

They also talk about some interesting news topics such as how Samsung is blowing things up again, Microsoft offering Data Science Virtual Machine test drives and farmers using IoT for analyzing data from cattle. Learn more about these topics by watching this episode:

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  1. Great conversation. As far as getting yourself out there, I know several people who have written books. They see it as a very expensive business card. I think blogging is a great first step. Contribute to the community. If you can get in video (Youtube) then do that. Speak at conferences. Get good at it. Take courses on public speaking if you need to.

    I call it “hem of the garment syndrome”. People will read your words and they will want to see your face. So they will see your videos and they will want to see you speak at a conference. They will see you at a conference and they will want to have a conversation with you (as long as you provide value along the way). At every step getting closer to the hem of the garment.

    In the end… they will want a conversation… and to buy your product. Your job is to be good enough at every step of the process so that they are compelled to further engage.

    Anyways… great conversation, guys. I really enjoyed it.

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