Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 25 – Scroller)

In this module you will learn how to use the Scroller Power BI Custom Visual.  The Scroller has the appearance of an animated stock ticker with values and deviation values scrolling by on the design surface.

Module 25 – Scroller


Key Takeaways

  • The Scroller the values move from left to right on an animated scroll bar.
  • The settings allow you to customize the speed, size, status indicator and colors used.
  • If you’d like to see the status indicator then you must have a deviation value.


This Scroller shows stock prices with their current value and a deviation value.

  • Under the Format paintbrush there is only one section that is specific to the Scroller.
  • Under the Scroller section you will find the following properties:
    • Auto-size font – This feature automatically adjust the text size based on the height of the visual.
    • Status indicator – A property that will turn on/off the the little status indicator that you see next to each category of data.
    • Status indicator coloring – This will change the color of the indicator based on the a positive or negative deviation value.
    • Status text coloring – Similar to the property above, this will change the color of the category text based on the positive or negative deviation value.
    • Font size (if not auto-size) – If you’ve left the Auto-size font property turned off then you can manually adjust what font size is used with this property.
    • Scroll speed – This property allows you to control the rate of speed the Scroller is using.
    • Custom Text – If you wanted the Scroller to show a hard coded values instead of being based on a dataset use this.
    • Text color – If you wanted to hard code the text color to be something different you can use this property but you must turn off the Status text coloring property first.
    • Background color – This property simply change the background color from the default black to another color of you choice.
    • Update interval – If you want to increase or decrease the frequency of time that the Scroller data is updated this use this feature.


  • In addition to these properties you have a set of settings that appears on every visual to adjust the background color, add a border around the visual and lock the aspect ratio.

Find Out More

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