JSSUG Speaker Idol 2012 Review

Last Wednesday at Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG) we held our annual Speaker Idol event.  Read more about what the events all about here.  The event was a success and the speakers all got some great feedback from our panel of experienced speakers (Eric Wisdahl, Jorge Segarra, and Mike Davis).

First up was Hari Reddy on a presentation on Wait Stats. His presentation was very through and easy to follow.photo

Next was John Kauffman on a demonstration of script he created to audit delete statements.  It was a very interesting presentation and had a lot of people thinking how they could use it in their environment.


Our third participant was TJ Brown who gave a presentation on Reporting Services parameters.  He was the winner of the night and won a DVD set of all the PASS Summit sessions from 2011.


Anthony Coleman was our last presenter and walked the group through an introduction to SSIS.  He captured the crowd quickly with a joke about his presentation topic of preparing BBQ ribs.


I’m looking forward to the next Speaker Idol because not only does it give these new speakers an opportunity to get their feet wet but the audience loved it.

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