JSSUG Speaker Idol 2012

The Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG) has always encouraged new talent to be added to the pool of local speakers.  That’s why tomorrow we will be hosting an annual event called Speaker Idol (I know the name isn’t very original don’t kill me!), which is for anyone that’s interested in speaking at events like SQL Saturday but need a safe place to get started. 

The group of speakers we have participating are:

  • John Kauffman
  • Hari Reddy
  • Ryan Cox
  • TJ Brown
  • Anthony Coleman

Each speaker will do a 10-15 minute session on anything SQL Server related.  Instead of having the entire room provide feedback after each session, a panel of 3 experienced speakers will provide constructive feedback on what they could do to improve for next time.

The panel will score each speaker in the areas of:


  • Content
  • Slides
  • Demo
  • Presentation flow
  • Clear beginning and end


  • Speaker was well prepared
  • Effective use of time
  • Confidence presenting topic
  • Ability to answer questions

Just like any good 5 year old kids soccer league everyone gets a trophy here!  We’ll be giving away a set of PASS 2011 Summit DVDs with the winner getting their choice first between the set of sessions or pre-con DVDs.

Please come out tonight, August 15, 2012 and support this group of new speakers as many of them get their first experience in public speaking.  Event details can be found at www.JSSUG.com and you can RSVP here.

I’ll post a follow up tomorrow with pictures and results of our meeting.

If you’re interested in free training on professional speaking Pragmatic Works is offering free onsite training in August that you can find here http://www.tinyurl.com/speakertrainingaugust2012.

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