SSIS Source and Destination Assistants

In several previous posts I have described some of the usability changes that will come with the next release of SSIS.


Data Flow Grouping

Resolve Reference

Today I’m going to introduce you to the Source and Destination Assistants that has been added to the Data Flow.  The idea behind these assistants is to make it easier for new comers to SSIS to get started faster.  Instead of the developer having to choose from the list of sources or destinations in the Data Flow they can simply user either the assistants to step them through the process.

To use the new assistants drag a Data Flow Task on to a package and open it.  You will now find in the SSIS Toolbox the Source Assistant, which you can use just by double clicking on it.  This walks you through the steps of choosing the correct type of connection as well as creating a Connection Manager if one does not exist previously.  The Destination Assistant works exactly the same way.  It is all an effort to make it easier to get started with SSIS.

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