SSIS Annotations

I have written a couple quick blogs recently sharing some of the new usability changes for SSIS in Denali.  In previous posts I wrote about Resolve References and Data Flow Grouping.

Today I am writing about another quick tidbit.  Annotations are a feature that has been available in previous versions of SSIS.  Essentially, they are ways of leaving notes in your package about what is going on with it.  People often use annotations to type version change notes of a package or explain what steps in the package are doing.

There is no change in the creation of annotations from previous versions of SSIS to Denali.  You simply right-click on the design surface and click Add Annotation then type your note.

The difference that you will find is that you are no longer forced to hit CTRL+ENTER to apply carriage returns in the annotation box.  You simply hit the ENTER button and it takes you to the next line!  I know this seems like a simply change but these are the little things that really annoy any SSIS developer.

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