IntelliSense Slow to Refresh

IntelliSense in SQL Server 2008 can sometimes not be very intelligent.  It’s there to help you can sometimes cause more problems than it does solve problems.  Here’s one of those problems cases:

Create a table without using the UI.  Just type a basic script to create a table.

Try to select from that newly created table and your IntelliSense can’t find the new table.

The problem is SQL Server knows you have a new table but IntelliSense does not.  If you refresh the Local Cache IntelliSense will be back up to speed with you. Go to Edit -> IntelliSense -> Refresh Local Cache

Now it should recognize your newly created table when writing your statement.

Another best practice with IntelliSense that’s not shown in the second screenshot is when writing statements always write the From statement first.  That way IntelliSense knows which table to display columns for.

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