Development Lifecycle Deployment SSAS, SSRS, SSIS

Many companies have a very rigid development lifecycle for all products or solutions they develop.  Deploying to each of these environments (Development, UAT, and Production) can be a nightmare to maintain.  Luckily there is a great feature in Visual Studio called Solution Configurations, which will allows you to toggle between which environment you want to deploy changes to.

This feature should be already available by default in your Visual Studio but you may have never used it.

As you can see it comes with several profiles that are created by default but you can create your own and configure them appropriately.

By selecting a profile any changes that you make to properties of the project will be only seen for that profile.  For example, I could use the Debug profile and changed the properties of my Report Server project to point to the development Report Server.

When I switch to another profile like the Production profile it doesn’t know about the dev TargetServerURL change I made.  I can now point it to my production server which will give me the ability to toggle between deploying reporting to development and production.  Again you can create your own profile names and configure them however you want but the only properties that can be changed by toggling are the Property Page properties.

MSDN link for more info:

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