SSAS – Changing the Dimension ALL Member Name

All Analysis Services dimensions have a default All member that represents all the members for a particular attribute.  For example, let’s say you have a product dimension with an attribute for the product name.  This attribute will be given an All member that represents every product.  The All member has many uses but one example is it can be used when writing MDX for things like percentages.  The screen shot below shows how it is represented in the dimension browser of BIDS.

What I want to quickly show you is how you can optionally change the name of the All member.  If you select the dimension name on the Dimension Structure tab and open the properties menu (F4) you will find a property called AttributeAllMemberName.

When you change this property to let’s say All Products it will then apply to the All member the next time you process.  Just a quick tip if you ever had the desire to change the name from All to something of your choosing.

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