Running SSIS 32-bit drivers or tasks on a 64 bit machine

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Running SSIS on a 64-bit machine has several caveat that developers need to be aware of.  Tasks like the ActiveX task and Execute DTS 2000 Package Task only work either on a 32-bit machine or by running in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit machine.  This is also the case for many data providers like Excel, Access, and many ODBC drivers.  If you are working on a 64-bit machine don’t worry there is a work around to keep yourself productive while still using 32-bit tasks and drivers.

Executing In BIDS

  • Right-click on the project file and select properties in your solution
  • Under the Debugging tab you will see a property called Run64BitRuntime which you need to change to true

Executing On Server

SQL Server 2008

  • Either in a SQL Agent job or by just executing the package by itself there is a tab called Execution options.
  • Select Use 32 bit runtime and the package will then run in 32-bit mode

SQL Server 2005

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