September 2012 Speaking Events

September is another busy month of speaking events for me and I thought I’d share them with you so maybe I can see you at one of the events.

Date: 09/08/2012

Group: SQL Saturday #167 Columbus, GA

Topic: Adapting Your ETL Solution to use SSIS 2012

With all the great new features added to SSIS in SQL Server 2012 it is important to understand how they can make your development life easier. This session will not only highlight what is new in SSIS but also show how your existing solutions can be adapted to utilize the latest features. Topics will include changes to usability, deployment, configuration and management.

Topic: Designing Your First Power View Report

Power View has the capability of creating eye-popping visualizations within SharePoint 2010. It provides intuitive ad-hoc reporting that can be used by a variety of business users to make critical decisions. In this session you will learn how to design your own dazzling reports using Power View.

Date: 09/17/2012 – 09/20/2012

Group: Pragmatic Works

Topic Master SSRS 2008 (Online)

Master Report Developers must hold unique traits to set themselves and their work apart from others. This four (half day) class is designed to take you to the next level in your understanding of SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services (SSRS). We use a variety of lab exercises to ensure lecture sessions are backed up by hands on experience. With the hands-on labs, you will learn how to create complex reports that using Analysis Services as a data source and custom code assemblies. This course will cover all the advanced topics of Reporting Services like scaled-out deployment, .Net integration and monitoring Reporting Services usage.

Date: 09/29/2012

Group: SQL Saturday #151 Orlando

Topic: Introduction to Power View

Power View has the capability of creating eye-popping visualizations within SharePoint 2010. It provides intuitive ad-hoc reporting that can be used by a variety of business users to make critical decisions. This session walks you through creating your first Power View report and shows you how to create an impressive reporting solution.


A full list of speaking events past, present and future can be found on my site:

JSSUG Speaker Idol 2012 Review

Last Wednesday at Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG) we held our annual Speaker Idol event.  Read more about what the events all about here.  The event was a success and the speakers all got some great feedback from our panel of experienced speakers (Eric Wisdahl, Jorge Segarra, and Mike Davis).

First up was Hari Reddy on a presentation on Wait Stats. His presentation was very through and easy to

Next was John Kauffman on a demonstration of script he created to audit delete statements.  It was a very interesting presentation and had a lot of people thinking how they could use it in their environment.


Our third participant was TJ Brown who gave a presentation on Reporting Services parameters.  He was the winner of the night and won a DVD set of all the PASS Summit sessions from 2011.


Anthony Coleman was our last presenter and walked the group through an introduction to SSIS.  He captured the crowd quickly with a joke about his presentation topic of preparing BBQ ribs.


I’m looking forward to the next Speaker Idol because not only does it give these new speakers an opportunity to get their feet wet but the audience loved it.

JSSUG Speaker Idol 2012

The Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG) has always encouraged new talent to be added to the pool of local speakers.  That’s why tomorrow we will be hosting an annual event called Speaker Idol (I know the name isn’t very original don’t kill me!), which is for anyone that’s interested in speaking at events like SQL Saturday but need a safe place to get started. 

The group of speakers we have participating are:

  • John Kauffman
  • Hari Reddy
  • Ryan Cox
  • TJ Brown
  • Anthony Coleman

Each speaker will do a 10-15 minute session on anything SQL Server related.  Instead of having the entire room provide feedback after each session, a panel of 3 experienced speakers will provide constructive feedback on what they could do to improve for next time.

The panel will score each speaker in the areas of:


  • Content
  • Slides
  • Demo
  • Presentation flow
  • Clear beginning and end


  • Speaker was well prepared
  • Effective use of time
  • Confidence presenting topic
  • Ability to answer questions

Just like any good 5 year old kids soccer league everyone gets a trophy here!  We’ll be giving away a set of PASS 2011 Summit DVDs with the winner getting their choice first between the set of sessions or pre-con DVDs.

Please come out tonight, August 15, 2012 and support this group of new speakers as many of them get their first experience in public speaking.  Event details can be found at and you can RSVP here.

I’ll post a follow up tomorrow with pictures and results of our meeting.

If you’re interested in free training on professional speaking Pragmatic Works is offering free onsite training in August that you can find here

Visio 2010 Forward Engineer Add-in

Somehow I missed this gem that’s been around for quite a while so I thought I would share it in case anyone else has yet to see it.  The Forward Engineer add-in is a really great open source project that allows Visio database diagrams you create to easily be converted to T-SQL that will create physical objects in a SQL Server database for you.

If you’ve ever used Visio for visualizing existing databases into a diagram then you’ve likely used the standard Reverse Engineer option.  The idea with the Forward Engineer add-in is exactly the opposite.  Meaning it will create database object (script them out) from a Visio design.

This functionality previously existed in Visio 2003, if you had the Enterprise Architect version.  Unfortunately, the feature was stripped out of the product after 2003 and Alberto Ferrari started this project to fill the gap.  He’s stopped development on the project several years ago but you’ll still find the open source project available here

When you download the tool you may have issues installing it like I did, but if you read the discussion page on the codeplex site it should guide you on how to maneuver around the problems.  The project does not appear to be actively getting updated so there are a few things like this to deal with but it’s worth it!

After installing you get a new tab in the Office ribbon in Visio that’s fairly basic.  The first button in the tab, Validate Data Model, will validate the data model before you create your script.  The second button, Forward Engineer, does the real work and will generate a .sql file that will create all the objects in your Visio diagram for your SQL Server database.


One of the things I was really hoping this tool could help me with is adding Extended Properties to each of my columns to make the database self-documenting but unfortunately it does not easily have the capabilities of doing that.  Alberto did write on a solution to show how this is possible but I’ve yet to get it to work for me.

I’ve start using this regularly now and It’s been a lifesaver to not only create documentation of my databases in Visio but then script out database objects.