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I am a Senior BI consultant at Pragmatic Works Consulting.  Previously, I tech edited the book Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services and was an author in the books Knight’s 24-Hour Trainer: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services, Knight’s Microsoft Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer and SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer.  I have spoken at past conferences like PASS, SQL Saturdays and Code Camps.  Making my home in Jacksonville, FL, I am the Vice President of the local users’ group (JSSUG).

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  1. Hey Devin, just watched your PowerView recording from SQL Pass last fall. I thought you’d enjoy reading my notes and things I found of interest from your session. Also, I think I’ll reference you in a blog post. Do you want to know when I do that? I’ll link to your site, so you get some SEO credit from it.

    Requires SQL 2012

    5 different Microsoft reporting tools

    PowerView – End Users
    If they can click a button than they can use PowerView
    End User Tool
    Everything just talks to each other and there’s no need for developer work
    Create fancy reports off of data models
    SSRS – Report Designer & Report Builder – Developers
    Developer Tool
    Static Report
    PowerPivot – Developers & End Users Combined
    Power User Tool
    Need to create relationships
    In Memory OLAP
    Ad hoc
    Excel –
    End User Tool
    Ad hoc Reporting Tool
    Performance Point – Dashboarding tool as part of SaharePoint
    Developer Tool
    Score cards

    what is power view?
    ad hoc reporting tools…excel pivot tables on crack

    his decision matrix on when to use which tool


    do the same things they can do in pivot tables, but bring in images and charts

    tool is targeted towards end-users


    download excel 2013 to see excel 2013 power view, released to manufacturing fall 2012

    requires silverlight 5

    can use BISM tabular model or standard multi-dimensional cubes (new feature)

    optimizing a data source for power view may deoptimize it for other reporting tools and other olap clients

    excel 2013 has power pivot on it all ready without a download

    he recommends watching 7 steps to getting kerberos right session (i think it’s chuck’s session)

    DAX is supposed to be as easy as Excel formulas

    DAX has really good intellisense

    the scatter chart animation was a really cool demo – about 60 minutes in

    the filter at 1:04 is also pretty cool

    click to interact inside powerpoint is way, way cool…way better than using screenshots of reports

    drillthrough to MOLAP might be in the next release

    MOLAP cubes relationships will come through

  2. Good evening my dear, I read your site and am interested to exchange ideas on the Power Map, here in Brazil few use, it is an extremely powerful tool. I use it every day to estastísticas of accident rates, but I wonder if there are new recuros within the power map so I can enjoy. Below is my contacts:
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    Big hugs.

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